half full meaning + future

Half Full World

Quick, kick the dirt off before entering.


Probably somewhat, never fully. Never fully, that’s too much work. Exactly. MLA Doormat.

The entrance into uniformity. The gateway to comfort. The posterchild for temporary satisfaction, yes, never permanent. This is the concept. Be conceptual for once. Don’t read to test, read for knowledge. Don’t attend for attendance, attend for progression. Because, why waste your time? Why? 

Half Full. The shiny pillars that mask a bland interior. The trail of crumbs that lead to an empty pantry. The thrilling trailer to a shitty movie. Hm, okay. A movie. Follow this. Say you plan on seeing a movie, Saturday night, with the family maybe some friends. You pull up the trailer on your laptop about an hour before hand, looks great. Going into that movie are you more or less likely to like that film? Are you more inclined to forgive a bad movie for a good trailer or are you pressed to make sure it’s good, in and out? Apply this concept to your current state. College. What is the trailer for “College” the movie? Seriously, imagine that trailer.

Half Full. Why is the floor so clean? Why are your shoes so dirty? Lol.

Half Full. The SOS on an uninhabitable island. The warning label you rip off your new shirt. The nutrition facts you can’t read. You wouldn’t read if you could. That’s the beauty of it. That’s the line, the realization, the process. Back to the movie: If your close friend, with similar interests, were to tell you the movie was horrible, waste of money, absolutely no reason to attend – would you still? Follow this. Even while knowing you’re probably going to see a bad movie, you still more than happily buy the ticket, spend the time, watch it… to have what? An opinion? A voice on it? Get that? Maybe this isn’t applicable, who knows. HF.

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